Tuesday, October 5

Zombie, by Peter Raft

Jack & Sally Otter are on holiday in the Caribean, enjoying everything the islands have to offer. Until one day, on a beach, when Sally is assaulted. Coming to her aid, Jack inadvertently kills her attacker and as they flee for their lives, they hear curses being shouted at the sky.

That night, as Sally recovers, she notices something moving about in the trees outside their bedroom window. Jack, recovering with the aid of a whiskey in the bar, notices a commotion in the pool area.

Their hotel, it seems, have undergone a zombie siege. And the Otters are their targets, but not before they’ve had their fill of the hotel guests.

‘They came back from the dead…with a taste for the living!’


Published by Signet (421-AE1202), April 1975

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